I Wonder Why You Gave That?

World knew the devastating aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan that hit our country (Philippines). Everyone is now familiar to the small island of Tacloban and sadly for a pity reason. I know that typhoon is very common in our country since our neighbor is nothing more than but the Pacific Ocean. But never have I thought that Haiyan will be listed as one of the strongest typhoons ever hit our country or even in the world!

Having said that, let me just extend my deepest appreciation on behalf of my fellow countrymen to all the people in the world who shared their help in every possible ways.

. . . .

Now the lighter and at least confusing (for me) side of my post…

Last week, I volunteered at Red Cross. One thing I’ve noticed was that EVERYBODY wants to help (which is really good). They share money, food, clothing, service and even blood (you know? Vampire’s food); in which I personally admit is really generous and kind. But, there is one problem though; sometimes we forget understand the real meaning of helping. Why? Because with all these things we can give or do to help unfortunate people, we have to at least understand their real situation. Fail to say, that some help needs to redefine their meaning.

When I was sorting and packing donated clothes, here are the things I’ve noticed…

1. Thongs or Corsets – Please explain to me why they need to wear these stuffs in such devastated situation. If your intention is for them to go back in reproduction? Well, couldn’t you wait a little longer? Seriously?!

2. Used underwear – Allow me to picture this…if I am one of the people who will receive used clothes, would I have consider taking used underwear from someone I don’t know even that maybe…just maybe might have herpes or even worst? Of course not! C’mon, bacon garter briefs?!

3. Gowns – Everything has been destroyed. Everybody just wants to get by and survive. And yet, you still expect them to wear gowns! C’mon?! You should know better.

4. Ripped Clothes – Okay! You want to give your old or unused clothes right?  One Kardasian BUT you have to consider is, if these clothes are still wearable. And I’m not taking about the size or color or how old it is but ask yourself if the clothes you are giving do not look like worn by “The Hulk”. You know what I mean. Lol

5. Finally, make it clean. Like acceptable clean…please.

Unfortunately, I can only speak about what I’ve noticed in the clothes department. I know that I shouldn’t be saying this but I feel it just right to iterate the implication of helping just for the sake that we were told to help or we feel we need to. We should help with the consideration of knowing who we are really helping and what they really need in such situation.

Once again, thanks for all the help and just let Karma return the favor. :)


Oh! BTW, on a curious and funny side of my observation, I kind of noticed that most of donated clothes are missing on female lower garments (i.e. shorts, pants, skirts and so on). And, I wonder why? Lol

Enjoy your weekend.


P.S. It’s always never too late help.

Blind Date

Last Saturday, I went out on a blind date. It has been a while since I decided to go out on the “Market” to catch some bitch fish. I guess out of boredom on a blank Saturday, I just decided to go out with such invitation:

(Just arrived from office 6 am)

Her: “Are you free later, let’s meet?”

Me: “Oh Okay. I’ll meet you at 4 pm. I’ll just get some sleep.”

Okay, you might say that was a very quick conversation, but have in mind that we’ve been talking for quite sometime and just I finally decided to what the heck, let’s meet her. During the conversation, please note that she wants to watch a movie which I believe a No-No for a first date. But then again, she wants it – so let it be.


(And then, finally meeting her for the first time…)

Here are the things I’ve noticed:


1)      She was really wearing short shorts! Well, in her defense she told me that she will wear shorts but I never expected that shorts was really way too short. Call me old-fashioned but that’s not what I see for a first date, or maybe my eyes and little fashion sense are just telling that what she was wearing was not really working out for her at all. Lol

2)      Bearing the partly emotional torment I have to endure in item#1, changed my whole perspective of our date. The initial excitement slowly deteriorates and started to grow as disappointment or shame. Fate was kidding me when I’ve noticed that we were both wearing blue. She noticed that too and said to me what was already the obvious. Luckily, it was just my shirt and I brought a jacket with me which was not colored in blue. After several minutes, I finally decided to wear my jacket to cover up the resemblance on both of us. At this point, I said to my – One down.

3)      I told her that we missed the movie she wanted (Filipino Romantic Movie) because she was late. And we will need to wait for couple of hours for the next show if she still wants to watch it. I just suggested to ask her to watch “Carrie” instead, a horror movie (Lol). I told her that the movie was not really horrific but more like thriller or Sci-Fi. She told me that she might scream but she still agreed to watch it. Having that thought in my head, made me doubt my suggestion of watching the movie and might be a bad idea. But, tickets were already bought so let us go through it. (Two down – eliminated the possibility of her getting envy in watching a romantic movie)

4)      We finally sat down, I asked her if she’s hungry and she said no. Well, I was really hungry that time but instead I told that I’m not that really hungry and more like sleepy even though I managed to sleep for couple of hours. Why I lied? Good question! I said that to remove any possibility of prolonging our date after the movie. (Sneaky bastard me! Three down)

5)      She got bored and asked if we can walk. I was like – “Oh my! This is not going to happen”. But sadly, I thought that I can’t be ruder enough not to say yes and so we did. And somehow, we managed to get by just fine. I just had to bear the instantaneous stab in my head what she is wearing and how loud she talks.


At this point, you would definitely say that I’m a douche bag which by the way completely acceptable. But, in my defense, never in our conversation she felt rejected (I believe) because I much I wanted to leave and bail out,  I kept listening to her words, answering her questions and occasionally making her laugh. So, continue…


6)      We sat down again, I bought us popcorn and drink. (Mainly, for obvious reason. To give her a break in talking…loud.)

7)      And finally the time of the movie, What she did was ear and eye catching…literally. 1) She says out loud the titles of the trailers which were already pretty obvious. I said to myself, I can  see and read that you know. 2) She talks too loud to the extent I finally decided to politely asked her that her voice was too loud that maybe she can turn it down even just for a little bit (again I iterate, politely). So, she won’t feel insulted or something. And, I’ve asked her in a funny way 3) Finally, the deal breaker, she rests her shoes(legs) on the front seat which I really don’t find attractive.


My best part of the movie was the credits! Finally, movie was over and we can go home (Lol). I still fetched her and gave her a hug. She told me she’ll keep the ticket of our first movie for remembrance.

Oh, BTW, she screamed on some parts of the movie! I will never go on a blind date again!


In relation to this post, I might post another one related on how to bail out a blind date politely. Just something to look forward to.

What Work?!

What a tough day at the office!

When projects keep screwing up and clients are non-stop sending their emails, crying like babies and not to mention some colleagues acting likes babies too. You just wish to see the clock reached 5:30am (I work at night) then just leave it all out and immediately run away from your office desk. But, despite all that, I have no choice but to suck it up, try to turn it all around and fix it. Obviously, because of one good reason – PAYCHECK! :)

And we will know that there will always be hurricane days at the office, some situations that can’t be controlled and people you wish you could just turn their heads to bowling bowls and hit the pins as hard as you can. Then, to satisfy your urge to say – STRIKE! . But, you know what? There is always something you can control…and that is our behavior towards these crazy things. For me, instead of getting really serious about it, I just took some time to relax, find humor and appreciate simple pleasures.

Here they are:

1) One of my colleagues cooked our meal for lunch. She cooked “Sinigang”. Normally, this recipe is cooked with pork. Gladly, she’s aware that I don’t eat pork anymore; so she cooked it with chicken. Honestly, I felt good when she admitted that she replaced it with chicken because she knows I don’t eat pork. I’m not being kiss-ass but it was really delicious! (2 and ½ cups of rice baby!)

2) As I arrived at the office, my annoying and partly evil manager just came from his recent trip in U.S. of A. He’d done a surprisingly nice gesture to us. He left us a bar of chocolate (Hershey’s) on top of our tables. Honestly, I appreciate it but somehow still don’t like him as a manager. Lol

3) While working on emails and projects, somehow I was still able to listen with my lady colleagues’ daily session of roasting our manager. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t hate our manager (or, at least me) but more like typical complains of manager-subordinate relationship. Especially, if you are not happy with their management skills or something to complain about. Typical stuffs! (I guess, one of the perks of not being on top)

4) Enjoyed free hot Choco at our company’s vending machine and hot mint tea from my colleague. Priceless!

5) Finally, one of my colleagues just got her first salary. Which we call it here as the “First Blood”. This means, she is obliged (not really) to treat us. Fortunately, she did. We went out and she bought us some fancy teas (if that’s what you call them) . I do wish this “First Blood” thing becomes a tradition. That will be grand! Lol

In addition to things I’ve said above, there is one thing that made me enjoy my day more. While we were at the tea house, we saw a “Post It” wall. We checked it out and looked for some messages. We sort of edit some of these posts to make it funnier and obviously with the intention to laugh around. And, of course! For the benefit of next readers. Lol! I know it was really crazy and inappropriate but do you think we care that time especially when we were having fun?

And if you think that’s all, you are wrong. I’ve noticed that there are good wall photos hanging at the tea house. Fortunately or unfortunately (it defends how you see it), my imagination and craziness struck me. I decided to make fun and create a quick video. Here it is and enjoy :)

Insipid ;)

The Tiny Frog

Okay! This is by far one of the most inspirational stories I have ever read in my life. You may say that I’m exaggerating but I must that I was pretty moved after I’ve read this. Well, maybe because of the timing.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what my life would be in 5, 10 and 20 years from now. In the process, I needed to be motivated and consistently be inspired for what and how I see myself in the coming years. Entails to this mission and vision for my “future-proof” self are strong foundations and reminders to make it all happen.

Well, enough with that. The story is about tiny frogs. Enjoy and be inspired!

There was once a bunch of tiny frogs, who arranged a running competition. The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower. A big crowd gathered around the tower to see the race and cheer on the contestants.

Then the race began…

No one in the crowd really believed that the tiny frogs would reach the top of the tower. Everyone is shouting – “Oh, way too difficult!!! They will NEVER make it to the top” and “Not a chance. The tower is too high”.

The tiny frogs began collapsing, one by one except for those who, in a fresh tempo, were climbing higher and higher….

But the crowd continued to yell, “It’s too difficult! No one will make it!”

More tiny frogs got tired and gave up… But one continued higher and higher. This one wouldn’t give up!

Then, everyone finally gave up except for this one frog who gradually continues to go up.

Despite the effort, the crowd still doubted this tiny frog and continues to yell…”Give up now! Save yourself from shame!!!” and “You will never reach the top!!!”

Until, he reached the top.

Obviously, everyone got interested and wanted to know how this frog managed to reach the top.

His secret?

Turns out, our tiny frog was…


The wisdom of the story is pretty obvious, right? BE DEAF!!!

Not being literally deaf but rather a person who ignores the pessimism of others. Stay positive to what you believe that will happen especially if you are doing something about it. Be patient and steady and the rest will follow.

I personally think that this is what I needed. A reminder that people and events that surrounds me will always give me doubts about for what I wanted and how will I achieve it. But, I know what I want and I see that. It’s just a matter of time, patience and most importantly disciple to make it happen.

Stay Positive!

This is it for now.

Rekindle (Part 2)

Pardon my absence but I will honestly admit that I lose my interest in blogging; mainly for 1 reason only. That is PROCRASTINATION.


I feel that since WP is now blocked in our new office, I have no way to blog again whenever I’m free of things to do and check it as much as I like to if ever I wanted something to be posted. Having said that, I know that even though the site is already blocked, I can still do it at home or even in my phone. And that is when I found out that my main reason why I lose my interest in writing my thoughts is procrastination.


And because of what happened recently in my life that resulted to significantly change me as a person, I decided to open my word app and start writing again. I realized that writing my thoughts helps me go back to certain events that happened to me and see what I have gained in terms of lessons and wisdom. It also helps me to recall the things I shouldn’t have done in a particular situation. It gives me a chance to go back a day, a week, or even a moment in my life to look back and what I can do better next time if ever I will be in the same situation again. Comparing the time when I was still writing and stopped writing, I felt that I was more disciplined person back then; when I was still writing than I am now (when I stopped).


So, having this realization urge to write and post something again. I guess the purpose of writing a blog for me is not more on sharing my thoughts over the internet and let the world of strangers see it but specifically helping me to define what type of person I am and what type of person I want to be.


I never really owned an actual diary before. Even the idea of having a diary as a guy somehow gives me an icky feeling of being gay (no offense). But this site, my blog, somehow gives me that purpose of having my thoughts and experiences saved or captured that it will give me a chance to look back and enjoy. I guess this might also gives you an impression of how deep person I am rather than the usual dose of my fond to humor; but don’t be misled by this post because I know to myself that I am also a shallow guy with simple pleasures in life.


This is it for now.

Oh Cupid! Why so stupid?!

I had a time today to clean and arrange my bookshelves, while cleaning I got curious in one of the books I bought that I never had a chance to read. So, I paused for a moment and started reading some pages of this book. The book is all about LOVE. Yes, and because its February, I think there is no other time to post something about it but this month. And, let me just forewarn you that this post is not about the love that will focus on happy endings or not even the part where it will give you butterflies in stomach. Instead, it’s the other way around. This post is merely my 2 cents or somehow observations about some famous love stories we ever heard, read, seen or known. All these stories about love ended in one bitter word – TRAGEDY!

Yes, I’ve stated that right. You see, we have different perspectives or thoughts about these famous love stories and yet we only see or accepted the good part of the stories which was how someone can show love on his/her greatest extent  and not the mere fact that all these stories ended in tragedy and pure disappointment.

As I progress on what I’m talking about, we all know that these lovers did anything they could possibly do just to show how they really loved each other. Regardless what universe threw at them, all the circumstances and catastrophe –  they were really committed and have done everything to show their affection and fought against all odds just to be together. But, these lovers are known for being Star-Crossed Lovers. And due to these outsides and uncontrollable forces, they, as “true lovers” cannot be together peacefully which by the way already tragic but also the fact that they cannot enjoy the  moment of being in love (while still breathing)  openly, no-hassle and not dying at young age.

Just to give you some popular love stories that changed our idea of how far love can really go, here are some popular stories and characters that synonymous to it…

1. ROMEO and JULIET (Shakespeare) 

2. TRISTAN and ISOLDE (Legend)

3. JACK and ROSE (Titanic)

4. HERO and LEANDER (Greek Mythology)

5. JAMIE and LANDON (A Walk to Remember)

6. PARIS and HELEN (Trojan War)

7. ENNIS and JACK (Brokeback Mountain…This is so gay!)


We all know that all these famous stories except the last one (I shared my part. Lol) ended up in a very tragic way. These stories influence people all around the world not to mention in different time period of showing how you can show love even to the extent that dying and not-physically being together will show the true meaning of it. And, just so you know and in my personal opinion. THIS IS JUST FREAKING UNACCEPTABLE in ending a good love affair.

LOL! Well, I might be bitter for talking about this and don’t get me wrong, I’m still a guy who apparently still do believe in LOVE and loving someone even giving your own life just to show/prove it. Well, blame the book and my initiative of cleaning my apartment as for this post will not be posted after all. LOL

Hmmm and on the other note, have you ever wonder what if these stories will just have different endings? Or, maybe, Cupid was somehow drunk or playing around when trying to make these people head over heels to each other that he thought it will be more fun to have a tragic ending and make things more complicated to be together for these lovers (you know, just for difference). Oh! You silly Cupid!

Anyways, just something to post for this month and forgive me for being bitter with a twist of humor (I guess) on these post. Above all, I just want to say that love is in the air and STAY IN LOVE! ;)

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Insipid <3

Guys on Break Time…

During a quick break with my fellow male colleagues, we had a very funny conversation with quite serious topics. We talked about finances, acquiring a house and getting married.

And we could all agree that those I mentioned are pretty serious stuffs about one person’s life. Those things require careful planning and decision making. But, you see, in spite of the gravity of the subjects which should be taken seriously; keep in mind that we are just couple of guys having a break and enjoying our free time at work. So, what do you expect? Of course, these will never be taken seriously when guys talk about these during break time. Lol (Well, at least most of the time)



Colleague 1: Are you planning to get married this year or next year?

Colleague 2: Who? Me? Lol. Yeah, next year is the ultimatum. We decided to get the house first and postpone the wedding for this year. The house is quite expensive if we still wait till next year. So, it needs to be prioritized. Although, getting married nowadays is too expensive as well! She even told me that getting married is easy and go get the house first.

Colleague 3: Dude, just go the local municipal office and get married there…won’t cause you anything.

*Everyone laughed*

Me: You know what? Get her pregnant and let’s see if she will still ask for a fancy wedding. (I know sometimes I’m douched bag! Lol)

Colleague 2: That would work! Lol

*Everyone laughed*


Buying a House

Colleague 1: Hey, can you show me or send me the link of the house you planned to buy?

Colleague 2: Come here! I’ll show you.

(He just meant one person but everyone went straight to his station including yours truly. After showing the house, everyone goes back to our respective stations and started browsing the internet for properties/houses.)

Colleague 1: Hey, you should buy a house now since you are still young and you don’t have a lot of responsibilities yet. Prices will go up eventually.

Me: Sure! Lemme check it! (Super excited and overwhelmed)

And then, I saw this…

1.9 Million! 2 Million! 2.5 Million! 3.3 Million! 4 Million! 5 Million!

Me: Well, let’s buy tomorrow. I’ll take 5 houses! Will that be enough?! Lol (At least, Window Shopping is free).

*Everybody laughed…and started crying (For obvious reason, PRICE!)*

I know that I will share the same faith eventually. But, for now, I tried to humor myself seeing these prices. So ladies, you still think its easy to be a man?! Lol

Anyways, that’s it for now.

Enjoy life!


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52 Week Money Challenge

Hi Everyone!

In addition to my current financial goals for this year, which by the way I really do want to accomplish before we hit 2014. I have decided to give this challenge a shot just to make myself grounded on what my objectives are. I believe taking this challenge will guide me and will keep my head straight to what I need to accomplish.

Plus, the discipline and probably the fun part of seeing the real meaning of compounding; like planting a seed and seeing it grows (You get the point!). The amount might be too small for some but this will be enough for me to see the main objective and lesson of this challenge. Right? My colleague even told me why not just make a one-time deposit so you don’t need wait for a whole year to get the final amount. Well, my colleague! For a very obvious reason, what’s the whole point of the challenge if you are just going to that! Lol

Challenge Accepted!

So, here is the challenge –

52 Week Money

Do you need a vault or a piggy bank to do that? Of course not! I have an old shoe box in my apartment and that would probably suffice. Lol

Here is what I did to my old shoe box…

52 Week Money Challenge

There you go! nothing fancy, nothing extravagant just a simple way of keeping myself focused. I personally recommend to do this challenge as well.

Enough said for now. Have a great day and enjoy saving!


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Memories from a Silly Boy

When I was on break yesterday, a colleague of mine asked me if I had a wonderful childhood and with very quick response I said YES.

Within seconds, most of my nice to great memories of childhood started playing in my head. I decided to write something about it just to feel good. We know that looking back to our childhood is always something that makes us happy unless you had a bad one.

I was privileged enough to experience “Bayanihan” while I watched them (inside the house) carrying our Straw house and moving it from one place to another.

I’ve experienced taking a bath with my fellow kids during water irrigation of our relative’s corn field (Jacuzzi Style! Lol)

First fight! I bit his right leg like crazy and he pulled my hair like crazy too. After that, we head straight to principal’s office. ( I was in grade 2)

Privileged enough to feel the unconditional love of my most important and favorite female in the universe, my beloved Lola (Grand Mother). (Geez! I always miss you)

Consistently, asking for 1 peso from my Nanay (Mother), Ama (Father) and Lola just to buy junk food and toys with that worth. Lol

Sleeping in the afternoon because Nanay said so and just end up pretending to be asleep (Just closed my eyes for 3-4 hours and get up to play again with my childhood friends)

First childhood crush! Diosa. Then came along Aecily, Karen, Mary Grace and rest is history. Lol

During harvest season, my cousin and I sold corn in our neighborhood with a small cart and shouted this… “MAIIIISSS!!!” . After that, used our earnings to buy toys, Tupig and Puto.

First bicycle ride. (Oh boy! It was scary)

Me and my fellow crazy childhood friends used to go to nearby village and pressed every door bells and ran like crazy or sometime in bicycle. (Believe me, it was fun! Laugh trip!)

(I can go on and on but I’m starting to feel nostalgic, teary and awkward so that’s it for me on this list)

Sigh, the good old days. I know there’s a lot more and for obvious reason I cannot write them all here. My sole intention is to feel good and look back at my childhood that I really enjoyed the most or at least funny enough to share.

I really feel sorry for the children who have very strict parents during their childhood and don’t allow them to play outside (I’ve seen some before). Don’t get me wrong, I know parents have different reasons for doing that which I have nothing but respect merely because I don’t really know their reasons why not. But, all I know, let your kids or future kids enjoy the world for how they see it.


So, as I’ve said in my last post, I will share some of the goals that I will try to accomplish this year.

1) Increase my passive income.

2) End the year 2013 with 6 figures in my current portfolio.

3) Learn more about trading and investing.

4) Write a story about something and share it here. Possibly posting it by chapter and post it every end of the month.(I’m just crossing my fingers but I will try…or not)

5) Fully embrace the new position assigned to me and make it as chicken feed as possible.

6) …


That’s it for now! As I always say, enjoy life and make some goals you think really achievable or at least near to that. Lol

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Last Day Of 2012

Before I go further and start writing about my anticipated 2013 (which probably will start on my next post), I’d thought to post something about 2012. I was actually thinking to write a post in response to the question below:

“What are the things that happened in my life last year that I could consider changed me as a person?”

But then again, I’ve realized that its quite long, too personal to be shared, and to be honest…boring. So, instead of reviewing the whole 2012 of my life; I just decided to ask a very simple question that I think still significant on how to remember it.

“What/How do you remember the last day of 2012 (which is 31st)?”

Right? It’s way simpler and very straight forward. And so, how do I remember the last day my of 2012? Here…

1) I woke up in the morning hearing to PSY – Gangnam Style (for several times and in loud speakers)
2) I’ve realized that my local bank deposited my Time-Deposit balance in my closed account. So, ended up using my Credit Card buying stuffs for New Year which I really hate to use especially at the last day of the year.
3) This day, last day of the year, I had to report in the office!!!

Now, these things are I think, funny memories I could keep in my last day of work for the year 2012.

4) My shift starts at 6pm; I arrived 20 minutes late. Lol
5) The only and last email I’ve sent to clients has to be recalled. And, I recalled it, like an hour late after it was sent. Lol
6) We were supposed to leave at 10pm; we left the office 30 minutes earlier. Lol (Suck that corporate!)

After the shift, went straight to my parents. And viola, the feast has begun!!!

And two hours before New Year, I am already full, sleepy and very happy. Lol

I think that’s pretty much it in ending the last day of my 2012. Oh, I almost forgot, when I arrived at my parent’s house, Gang freaking Nam is playing including our neighbor, our neighbor’s neighbor and one freaking videoke/karaoke machine that happens to have someone singing to the lyrics. I know! You might wonder if he was able to sang the song with the lyrics (Korean words)? Of course not! But, he was really drunk though. Lol

All in all, I can say that 2012 was really good to me. I will always cherish the good memories and learn from bad ones. I could go on all day long recalling and talking about 2012 but I’ll just stop here.

In short…IT WAS FUN.

Happy New Year Everyone!!! (Better late than never. Lol)

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